Sea Legend


Panthalassa Society: Sergio Penzo, Andreas Roth, Daniela Garreton, Philipp Feit

Category: Film

„Sea Legend is a powerful and mature piece of filmmaking.“

Ridley Scott, Director

Sea Legend is an emotional & cinematic short-film which raises awareness about overfishing and urges to act in time to save the majestic Blue-Fin Tuna.

Together with the NGO Oceana, we turned each premiere into a conference about the importance of sustainable fisheries and the protection of our ocean.

Three star Michelin chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz ”Mugaritz”, Juan Mari Arzak ”Arzak” and Pedro Subijana ”Akelarre” came together for the premiere of Sea Legend in San Sebastian, and Alexandra Cousteau hosted the unforgettable screening in Hamburg.